About Us

Mills Clocks is a mechanical clocks parts importer and supplier of parts such as clock suspensions, mainsprings, 400 day parts such as blocks, forks, and suspensions.
We also make bespoke springs to order and can repair old clock suspensions 
We service and repair all types of clocks and in some cases by mail (depending on the clock).

If you need any assistance on getting your clock running send us an email on info@millsclocks.co.uk

I am not a business can I buy parts from your website?
Yes, private customers are more than welcome to purchase parts from our store.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do, however some destinations will require than signed for shipping is used to prevent issues with lost mail etc. 

I have a 400 day clock but do not know what spring I need can you help?
Yes, if you send me a picture of the back plate of the movement with the suspension guard removed we will be able to identify what spring you will need.