Things You Should Know

The suspension spring is the thin, flat spring from which the pendulum of a clock is "suspended", or "held" usually a steel spring called feathers attached to brass,steel or even plastic blocks.
It doesn't "control" the running of the clock, and doesn't "repair" any aspect of the clock mechanism if you replace it.
The suspension spring holds the pendulum in place, and allows the pendulum to swing correctly.

Other considerations:

1) Your clock will not operate correctly without its suspension spring.

2) The suspension needs to be a good match to ensure correct running of the clock, i.e. if the steel feathers of the suspension are too stiff for the movement you have then your clock may not run correctly.

3) If the spring is bent, or "kinked", or twisted, or otherwise damaged or broken, your clock will not operate, or operate properly.

4) If the spring is NOT bent, or "kinked", or twisted, or otherwise damaged or broken, and if it appears to be "OK", then replacing it is probably not necessary, so if your suspension spring appears to be in good condition, it probably will not need to be replaced.

5) Your clock probably has other problems if its suspension spring is in good order but the clock does not operate. (broken mainspring, worn plates, damaged teeth, dirt etc)
Please contact me ( to inquire about the repair of your clock.

6) A new suspension spring is not a "repair" to a clock with mechanical problems such as worn bushes, damaged wheels or pinions etc.
Replacing a spring that's in good condition is not necessary and just leads to more costs.
Replacing a damaged or missing suspension spring will allow a clock to operate properly if the clock is mechanically sound, but it will not ensure that the clock will operate properly.
The new suspension spring will guarantee ONLY that you have a new suspension spring, and that your clock's pendulum is able to hang & swing correctly.
The clock mechanism must be in good order and clean for the clock to operate. New tyres won't make an old car with a ruined engine run again. Likewise, a new suspension spring won't make an old broken clock run again.

How to Select a Suspension Spring
 First of all, please don't just guess and click! As more often than not you will probably choose incorrectly. This results in disappointment, and the hassle of needing to exchange the spring and order again, this costs both of us time and money which can easily be avoided!

Compare what is listed on this website to what your clock currently has. If you have the old suspension spring as a sample, the photographs and measurements on our website should be sufficient for you to find a matching spring,  allowing you to order the correct spring the first time. Just compare my photos to your spring, and compare this listed measurements to your spring.

If you still need help, or you have a suspension not listed on our website please email me at and i will try to help as we have a large stock of odd and old stock items not currently in production.